About South Loop Digital

South Loop Digital, LLC was founded in 2001. An open-source research and development practice based in Chicago, it provides strategic content advisory, research, development, project management and creative services.

Rob Warmowski
Founder and Principal Consultant

1995:  With partner Mark Evans, Rob founded Automatic Media Group.  Internet tech-evangelism wasn’t easy in the early dialup era. Before the rise of Google, Apache, common broadband or Wikipedia,  Rob advised major clients how to get in front of the internet’s massive changes using the open source technologies that still run the web today.  Advising in content, software, hardware and networking, the open-source company consulted for financial, marketing, legal, and technology industries– even as we had to explain what open source was and why it was necessary.

2001: After the sale of Automatic Media Group, Rob founded South Loop Digital, moving away from IT projects and into pure web strategy: development, content strategy and research.

Today: South Loop Digital serves science, commerce and technology, the nonprofit sector, and the progressive political arena as creative, strategic consultant, developer, or project manager. We research, develop and implement strategies and content to make the internet a better place while advising clients on how to do the same.

To contact us about your digital strategy, email us at info [at] southloopdigital.com.



We support our clients with hard-won subject matter expertise in these specialties:

  • Research Design
  • Open-source Software
  • Content Management Systems
  • Communication Strategy
  • Non-profit Administration
  • Healthcare Information Technology
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Open-Source Software
  • B2B Marketing
  • Retail Financial Products
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Political Communications
  • Philanthropy
  • Audio / Media Production

Research products include

  • E-books
  • Software application architecture
  • Decision support reporting
  • Software documentation
  • White papers
  • Position papers
  • Website content
  • Social Media content
  • Audits
  • Feature articles
  • Training program development

Contract research terms are highly flexible. Authorship, training, supervision, administration and group integration are all open for negotiation on your research project.  Contact info [at] southloopdigital.com to discuss your research goals.



LAMP environments and Open Source only.  Content managed using WordPress and other CMS.  Sites, branding, platforms and all expressions of the modern living web spoken here. Contact info [at] southloopdigital.com for a personalized tour of our web.




We weave award-winning creative writing into the web. We conceive, create, source and deploy content and social web streams in all directions for any platform. We know what to say, how to say it, and who’s hearing it. South Loop Digital provides content of byline quality on demand in subject matter areas from finance to nonprofit, from medical technology to politics and civics.

Contact info [at] southloopdigital.com to hear about who we’ve been.

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